GW Oliver Construction

GW Oliver Construction


GW Oliver exists at the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship to deliver both innovation and an excellent experience. As an award-winning residential and commercial contractor, we have worked along the gulf-coast and Texas transforming multi-family developments, world-class resorts, and professional sports training facilities, and residential masterpieces. Let us show you how in a world of over budget and over time, we use our 25 years of experience to over deliver!

Meet The Owner

Guy Oliver

Company Owner

Guy founded GW Oliver in 2002 with a dream and work ethic that could not be beat. In the 22 years since the company was founded, he has led GW Oliver to unmatched growth. He attributes his growth to God first, his and his team's work ethic second, and his unending commitment to his customers. His love for the construction industry is matched only by his commitment to our city. He has served on the board for Habitat for Humanity and is currently serving with Empower225 where he serves in a hands-on capacity as well.

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