Big River Glass

Big River Glass


Big River Glass is built on hard work, honest business, and the ability to service our customers. For these reasons, we are a strong competitor of the glass industry in South Louisiana, and we are rapidly becoming your go to glass shop. Remember, it’s truly more than a piece of glass — it’s a peace of mind.

Meet The Owner

Erin Henley

Company Owner

Erin Henley began working at Big River Glass at the age of 15 during his summer breaks. He has worn every hat in the business, from sweeping the parking lot to his current position as President. Since 2003, Big River Glass has grown the business exponentially due to the practices we apply to not only our employees, but also every customer. We treat each customer and employee with individual respect and courtesy, while also providing a safe and healthy working environment. Big River Glass prides itself on offering the best products and service standards, while also maintaining diligent quality assurance…

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